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Marrakech Hot Air Balloon

We will take you on a hot air balloon flight with a memorable view of the Berber villages. This activity is provided by the most experienced and professional pilots in the country, with a guaranteed professional service.

You will feel the excitement of a sparkling, festive hot air balloon flight over Marrakech’s traditional landscapes. Marrakech Balloon gives you an appointment for a half-day adventure in a hot air balloon in Marrakech just after sunrise.

A romantic and exclusive hot air balloon flight between heaven and earth. Extraordinary and rare service. This activity is the ideal occasion to discover the beautiful landscapes of Marrakech from the sky. During this ballooning experience, you will go up to 1000m.

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Departure Time 06h00 am
Return Time 10h00 am



Marrakech Hot Air Balloon


Pre-Flight Preparations

  • Early Morning Pickup: Depending on your location, a shuttle or private transport will pick you up from your hotel or riad in Marrakech, usually around 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM. The early start is essential to catch the sunrise from the balloon.
  • Transfer to Launch Site: Drive to the launch site, which is typically located about 30-45 minutes outside Marrakech in the countryside.

Balloon Ride Experience

  • Safety Briefing: Upon arrival at the launch site, enjoy a safety briefing and introduction to the hot air ballooning experience by the pilot and crew.
  • Balloon Inflation: Watch the crew prepare and inflate the hot air balloon. This process is fascinating and a great opportunity for photos.
  • Boarding the Balloon: Climb into the balloon basket, usually accommodating 10-16 passengers, depending on the size of the balloon.
  • Takeoff: Gently lift off the ground and start your ascent. The takeoff is smooth and almost imperceptible.

In-Flight Experience

  • Flight Duration: The flight typically lasts about 45-60 minutes, depending on wind conditions and the landing site.
  • Scenic Views: Float over the Moroccan landscape, taking in panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, lush valleys, and traditional Berber villages. As the sun rises, the scenery becomes even more breathtaking.
  • Photography: Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning aerial views. The pilot might also point out landmarks and interesting sights below.

Post-Flight Activities

  • Landing: The pilot will choose a safe landing spot, often in an open field or desert area. The landing is usually gentle but can sometimes be a bit bumpy.
  • Celebratory Refreshments: Upon landing, enjoy a traditional Moroccan breakfast, often served in a nearby Berber tent or outdoor setting. This typically includes mint tea, fresh bread, pastries, and other local delicacies.
  • Certificate Presentation: Receive a flight certificate as a memento of your hot air balloon adventure.

Return to Marrakech

  • Transfer Back: After breakfast, you will be transported back to your hotel or riad in Marrakech. Arrival is usually between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day.

Marrakech Hot Air Balloon

Price Included Not Included

Classic Flight : 160 € /Person

Private Flight : 450 €/ Person

Round-trip transfer

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